Maleena is an intuitive and experienced self-shooting multimedia creative film and campaign producer/director (development and on production) with a passion for social media and social purpose. 


Experienced in delivering short form video and visual content through creative collaborations for various clients, she creates for brands, broadcasters and digital publishers.

Combining her cultural awareness and commercial knowledge with a strong understanding of how to make engaging content for a huge social-publishing community. Maleena always aims to incorporate her own style; juxtaposing vivid and simplistic shots, with complex and candid narratives. 

At the heart of all that work is exceptional problem solving, idea generation, in depth research and strategic insight. 


▹ Concept and Ideation

▹ Directing

▹ Producing

▹ Self-Shooting (C300, FS7, A7S)

▹ Editing / Edit Producing

▹ Pitching & developing ideas

▹ Casting and working with talent 

▹ Negotiating sensitive access

▹ International production experience

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